Over-Unity Alternative Energies

The following links will take the reader to a series of YouTube videos entitled “Ancient Knowledge”:

The information in these videos appears to form both the foundation and point-of-departure of the thinking of those who believe (contrary to the belief of mainstream physicists) that over-unity energy technologies are/may be possible. Some of the thinking that is reflected in these videos was incorporated into the themes of Beyond Neanderthal.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 4.5 (not sequential to Part 4, but a constructive facilitator of baseline thinking)

Part 5 (Teaser. Will be replaced with full version when it is published)

Acoustic Levitation (Japanese Scientists levitate objects using sound)


  • Radical New Theory in Physics: The Primer Fields

Partially validated by laboratory research that is interfaced with information/images provided by  MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Rice University, NASA, Chandra X-Ray observatory,  the Hubble telescope and others. Demonstrates the impact of bowl-shaped magnetic fields that appear to exist at all micro and macro levels in nature - probably as a byproduct of electromagnetic energy – and demonstrates how these fields interact.  At cosmological level the  interaction of these fields explains how/why the various galaxy, nebula and star structures form without the need for black holes, dark energy or dark matter.  At individual photon level it explains why light “appears” to be both an energy particle and a wave. In reality (the researchers claim) , it is not a wave at all. The waves are formed by the in-and-out phasing (pulsing) of coupled, negative and positive bowl shaped magnetic fields that surround the moving photons.


  • Cold Fusion: A story of suppressed technology


  • Joseph Newman’s Theory as explained by Dr Roger Hastings, PhD:

http://www.josephnewman.com/JN_Theory_by_Hastings.html. Author note: At face value, Mr Newman’s theories fly in the face of the laws of thermodynamics but, with deeper examination, it can be accepted that they sit comfortably alongside these laws. From a different perspective, there is no question that he has an unusual personality profile. However, if one adopts an attitude of open-mindedness, it does not follow that, therefore, he is wrong in his conclusions. What has impressed me in my research of his work has been his amazing persistence over decades, and his absolute conviction that he is right. Of course, this does not imply that he is right even though his arguments seem exceptionally well reasoned. Only measurement of energy-in and measurement of energy-out will validate his claims, and he has made several statements to the effect that such measurements have been taken and that they do validate the fact that his machine does produce over-unity energy. Clearly, Dr. Hastings was convinced. Intriguingly, apart from the fact that the so-called “God particle”  – the existence of which has been recently validated by the Large Hadron Collider – is theorised does not spin on its axis, there seems to be an eery similarity between that so-called God particle and Mr Newman’s hypothesised gyroscopic massergy particles, which he theorises do rotate on their axes at the speed of light.

  • Link to a website that shows various other over-unity alternatives:



  • The Truth Behind The Energy Lie (YouTube showing various technologies that claim to deliver over unity energy output)





  • It Runs On Water



  • Phinergy’s Air-Metal-Water Energy Technology




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