Gold’s unusual physical properties

  • Sub-atomic, orbitally rearranged gold: (Non-metallic, monoatomic forms of transition elements) Author Note: There is a plethora of nonsensical information on the internet regarding this subject. A constructive introduction might be gained by reference to the  UK Patent Application (19) GB (11) 2 219 995(13) A , in the name of David Hudson at . The patent details were published on December 28th 1989.
  • David Hudson’s lectures: It is recommended that the reader should pay less attention to the style and medium of communication and more attention to the substance of the lectures. The content of these lectures flows more from Mr. Hudson’s experiences than from his opinions.


  • Polyvalent DNA gold nanoparticles: . Science is beginning to understand (so far, intuitively) that there is a potentially important relationship between gold and DNA. To date, most scientific articles that describe this relationship seem to regard gold as a facilitator, and the bahaviour of the DNA has been the primary focus of  attention.  The above article, the research proposal described in the following link, and the DNA ruler described in the article thereafter illustrate this. However, some of Mr Hudson’s work that is referred to above seems to be pointing to the possibility (as Buddhists have apparently believed for centuries) that the linkage is possibly one of cause and effect; where (perhaps) gold may influence the physical properties of  DNA. In The Last Finesse, the Buddhist view is explored more deeply.



  • BERKELEY, CA — Scientists from the U.S. Department Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California at Berkeley have developed a ruler made of gold nanoparticles and DNA that can measure the smallest of life’s phenomena, such as precisely where on a DNA strand a protein attaches itself:


  • NOVO RESOURCES CORP: An op-ed piece by Bob Moriarty of 321gold suggests a new geological theory regarding how gold was originally deposited in reefs 2.7 billion of years ago.   If he is correct (this is a young and un-validated theory) then, he argues, a gold deposit similar to the Witwatersrand reef near Johannesburg in South Africa should exist in West Australia’s Pilbara region.  A Canadian listed company by the name of Novo Resources Corp has entered into a Joint Venture   to mine a gold deposit that has recently been found in the Pilbara. Its website can be found at The reason that the reader’s attention is drawn to this particular development is that, if the theory is correct (it will take many years – and doubtless many tears – to validate) it will be one of the most significant gold related developments in history. There was a time when the majority of the entire world’s gold production emerged from the Witwatersrand gold mines.
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